1. CAD/CAM software development

2. Electro-optics products design and development

3. Photometric inspection


4. Digital collimator for lens test

5. Video tape electro-magnetic tester 



CAD/CAM software development for architectural design /production.

It applies to for factory fabricated house production.

To generate module assembly data, component drawings, component

machining NC data.



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Electro-optics products design and development

Photographic products design and development



Wireless LAN product
Infra-red ethernet modem development

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Photometric inspection

Lab. facilities

Spectron CE260 digital camera exposure tester

Tektronix 455 narrow angle photometer

Spectron CE240 pulse photometer

Vector optical bench lens test system


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Digital collimator for lens test

Automatic computerized collimator for lens test
Hand free tester gives digital reading of the collimation.

Automatic computerized lens assembler.
To assemble the lens into camera body and adjust the focus automatically.
Refer to the paper attached.

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Video tape electro-magnetic tester 

 Automatic video and audio cassette electro-magnetic parameter tester
Computer controlled tester which tests and obtains statistical data of the cassette under VHS standard test procedure.

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